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The 5th Annual EAB Memorial  Softball Tournament



Easton's Cause would like to thank every single person who contributed in some way to the 5th Annual Easton's Cause event.  Whether you came out to play games or were one of our 100+ sponsors.  The love and support we witnessed was incredible.  It was truly great to see the community come together in support for one of their own.
We took a huge leap of faith this year creating more acitivites in hopes to appeal to the younger crowd. We truely wanted to make this more of a family event.
The carnival was absolutely awesome.  We sold out of tickets at one point and had to start recycling them. Mind you... our tickets came 2500 to a roll. That was a lot of games, face paintings, and funky hair dos! Our lines goto so long by the face painters that we have to bring in two more at one point. It was a hot 90+ degrees out but we had volunteer specifically for going around making sure all of our volunteers had cold water.  We also had seven squire guns going around shooting kids with water to cool them down.  I think it was the raing that ultimately cooled everyone down.
Because of the downpour we had to pull raffle names quickly, write down the winners name and number on a raffle card, and get the raffle items to safety.  The rain didn't last long. Luckily we had an amazing group of volunteers who got our fields up and running quickly! We started playing about 30 minutes after the crazy storm and the rest of the night was warm and beautiful. 
Comedy Sportz was hilarious and even pulled Easton's Cause committee leader, Lindsey, up on 'stage'. We had a lot of compliments from the softball players that the live music was awesome. We figured they liked it when we saw them running up to the fence shouting song suggestions for South Bound.
Sunday was quiet. As we wrapped up the softball tournament we had volunteers help us sort the trailer that had been packed with games and raffle items as the store was rolling in the day prior. We were able to get it all sorted and started distributing the raffle items.
There were a few bumps in the road due to weather but overall this was our best year yet!


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