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How it all got started...

 On April 14, 2011, Easton Andrew passed away unexpectedly. Easton was a happy and healthy baby boy loved by many. He could light up a room with his infectious smile and his loss was devastating to his family and loved ones.
After Easton’s passing the Bauler Family was faced not only with  navigating their grief but also with the unpredictability of heavy financial expenses. After looking for resources to help a grieving father cover his financial obligations during this time they found that there were few resources available to grieving parents.
Thankfully, the community rallied together to help Easton’s father through many of the difficulties that come with losing a child. Amazed by the outpour of support Easton’s Cause was founded to return the gift and become the resource that is so badly needed in the community.

Respect. Care. Try

Founded in 2011, Easton’s Cause is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families and youth experiencing unexpected hardships feel some financial relief.  Our mission is to give select individuals and families access to extra funds raised through fundraising efforts. These funds are to be given without requirement, to help ease a burden, even if only temporary.

No matter what you’re going through, treat each other with Respect. Everyone is facing difficult situations. By respecting each other more, we can make difficult days more manageable.

A community that Cares can change the world. It’s our community.  It’s our responsibility. Tragedy, accidents and illnesses affect everyone in the community. When a community comes together to care about  each other – we truly can change lives.

Start with the decision to Try to do better. Live better. Join the many who believe we can redefine what is possible by trying to do a little better by each other.  Life changes every single day. Embrace the positive, stay focused on supporting each other to live the best life we can.

Easton's Cause Believes:

Dear Easton,


We miss you're giggles and your adorable little face.  We miss that infectious smile of yours that never seemed to fade. In your seven months on this earth you have touched so many lives and it's because of you that we will continue to help others.


Dance with the angels baby boy.



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